7 Important Questions To Ask Before Moving into a New Property

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7 Questions To Ask Before Moving

If things are not organised and planned ahead, moving property can become an unpleasant ordeal and in which it is easy to neglect to ask past inhabitants/dealers about your new house

A couple of straightforward, yet extremely essential questions would ensure you don’t wind up with issues that make them scratch your head in bewilderment. Here are some of the most critical questions you should ask before moving into another home.

While moving into a new property for the first time, there are may be many questions that come across your mind, however, seeking the appropriate answers well within time could save a big hassle and lots of sum too.

Where is the main stopcock located on the water supply line?

It is essential to know in case of an emergency and to prevent significant damage (e.g. to stop flooding due to a pipe leak or accidental breakage, etc.)

Where is the location of power and gas meters?

Take photos or make videos of the meter readings as evidence in case you may have to prove it to the suppliers the date you moved in. Knowing this is also as vital because you may need to stop both of them in an emergency – and pertinent valves/switches are generally arranged near these meters.

Which companies supply water, power, gas and telephone/broadband services?

Once again, this is vital because you may need to advise companies of the date you moved in and relevant readings. You will also need to know who to get in touch with should an occurrence of issues/crises arises.

Where is the thermostat to control the heating temperature?

Knowing where to alter will prevent you from heating in summer and freezing in winter, and in addition, will also assist in keeping the energy bills well under control.

Do you have guarantees left and are there any instruction documents for gas/electrical appliances?

This will assist in operating them safely like radiators, boilers, cooker and so on. Valid warranties could spare you a lot of cash and will cover any unforeseen circumstances beyond control.

What day/s are bins emptied?

Unless you need to risk having to ‘reserve’ your junk and perhaps getting into an issue with your neighbours, to rule out issues, ascertain this info ASAP.

Would any surfaces (wooden ground surface or boards; stone deck/worktops, and-so-forth) require special cleaning materials?

It would awful to destroy flooring or worktops in your own particular home, however, committing a genuine error in a rented accommodation could lead you in a wide range of inconveniences, so ensuring you comprehend what cleaning products are viable to utilise is a fundamental question to provide the sanitation is priority regardless of whose property you move into.

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