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Moving can be pretty challenging, especially when you have a lot of stuff to transport from your old home or office to your new one. Although there are plenty of removal businesses around the country, people still struggle to find a company that is both reliable and affordable. But that’s not the case if you’re looking for the best removals Harrogate has to offer for your home or workplace because Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Harrogate delivers a reliable and efficient service around at affordable prices too.
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Philip Cox
Amazing service at a very reasonable price. The movers were highly professional, very friendly and made us feel...

Kim Sheppard
Excellent service. Would definitely recommend. Prompt efficient , No stress for me at all. Very careful...
Daniel Keenan
Absolutely top class service. The guys who came and did our move between Christmas and New Year...

Why Choose

Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Harrogate?

We serve a wide range of areas around Yorkshire, and Harrogate is just one of the areas where we are trusted. Our crew is capable of moving and relocating any type or amount of furniture or items, no matter how large or small the job is. We also specialise in transporting fragile items, making sure they arrive safely and in one piece. We also offer a range of other useful services for customers who are in the process of moving, from providing help with packing to offering secure short- and long-term storage solutions.

You may be wondering why we are the best removal company in Harrogate out of all firms in your area. The reasons are straightforward but comprehensive. If you’re still deciding whether to use us or not, here, we list some of the reasons why our company should be your top choice:
1. We are a well-known brand
We are a family-owned firm with three generations of moving experience and knowledge passed down over our 70 years in the business. Melvyn Hughes, the current owner, has expertly trained all our employees in every aspect of removals and packing, making sure that they’re skilled and competent enough to handle all of our customers’ needs. Most of our staff have worked with us over a lengthy period too, so they’re highly experienced. That means with us on-side, you can rest assured that all your personal belongings will be loaded, transported and unloaded with maximum care and efficiency.
2. We work in a variety of areas
As our business has expanded in recent years, we have started to handle just as many home and office removals in Harrogate as we do in York and Leeds, which were previously our busiest areas. Because we work across Yorkshire, there’s a good chance you’ll have already seen one of our removal vehicles in your area, and if you haven’t, we’re confident you will within the week.

For small, simple projects, we’ll be able to give you a rough estimate of cost over the phone, but for more complicated jobs, we prefer a site visit. An assessor comes to your property and conduct a survey, ensuring we can give you an accurate quote for your move and also come prepared with the right equipment and manpower on the day. We can take the stress out of any move because we can handle every aspect of your relocation according to your needs, from packing to moving and even unboxing your belongings at your new home or workplace on request.
3. We’ll dismantle and reassemble your furniture if necessary
If furniture needs to be disassembled and reassembled at either end, we will gladly do it if you ask us to when booking the service. If you don’t request this service, we ask that all large furniture pieces are dismantled and ready to move when we arrive. When you’re requesting your quote, please do make sure you consider any additional requests you might have so we can allot the necessary time and bring the tools needed for the task.
4. We operate over weekends
We know that many clients are busy during the week and choose to move over a weekend so they have time to settle into their new property before returning to work, for example. With enough notice, our removal services in Harrogate can accommodate your move at any time that works best for you. We don’t usually charge extra for working on Saturdays, although we may charge extra for moves at peak times to cover the additional expense of employees. Let us know your preferred dates for your move, and we’ll advise you whether this will be the case.
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5. We are fully insured
Accidents can happen, even to the most skilled and careful movers. But if you’re worried about this eventuality, you can rest assured that your possessions are covered by our insurance. Each van carries up to £50,000 of cover during the removal process, so if anything goes wrong, you won’t be financially out of pocket. And if you use our storage facilities and want to make sure your belongings are protected, you can get the cover you need through our insurance partner,

Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Harrogate has partnered with this reliable self-storage insurance company to offer you the best service possible. All you have to do is simply look for the link on the website and remember to read and understand the important details of the policy and the contract terms before proceeding.
6. We offer competitive rates
All sorts of factors can affect the total cost of your house or office move, like whether you want our packaging services, the volume of possessions that need moving and the vehicle size we need to do it, and the distance you’re moving. But regardless of what’s factored in, we guarantee that you’ll get a fair and competitive quotation from our experts.

While we might not be the cheapest, we are one of the best removal companies in Harrogate, and our prices reflect the level of service we provide. If your main concern is hiring a reliable team of experts who will safely and efficiently move your goods from A to B in an agreed timescale, we think you’ll agree our prices are highly competitive.
7. We complete moves as quickly as possible
The length of time it takes to complete a removals job depends on several variables, with the distance to be travelled being one of the most significant. Other factors such as heavy traffic and parking problems at either end can also increase the time required to get all your belongings loaded or unloaded.

This aside, though, you can be sure that our movers will carry out the project quickly and efficiently, so there‘s as little disruption as possible. As a rough guide, a straightforward move from a two-bedroom house takes around four to five hours.
8. We offer bespoke services
We know every customer has different needs and wishes, so the prices we charge for local home removals in Harrogate and beyond are entirely tailored to each job. Our basic service includes a removal vehicle with a specialist team, as well as insurance for travel and goods in transit. However, you can then also add extra services like packing and storage if you need them. Whatever your requirements, don’t hesitate to let us know, because we always aim to be flexible and fulfil all our customers’ requests.
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    Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

    There are several benefits to hiring professional house relocation services in Harrogate from a reputable company like Jorvik Removals & Self Storage. For one, our teams are fully trained when it comes to moving valuable items. Because we’re experts in all aspects of moving, you can also rest assured that the job will be handled safely and efficiently from start to finish.
    Likewise, that takes a lot of the stress out of moving because the removals company handles all the shifting, loading, and unloading; and their experience and established processes mean the job can be carried out far quicker than if you tried to do it yourself. Moreover, good moving companies like ours offer protection in the form of insurance, giving you peace of mind that your belongings will be safe or you’ll be financially compensated.

    What to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

    To hire a competent moving company, there are a few things to consider. One of them is their qualifications and experience. Check whether the firm has been in business a long while and that their team of movers are highly trained because removals work needs a lot of careful planning and physical labour.

    It’s also wise to hire a moving company in Harrogate that offers insured services. Although it’s very rare, items can still get damaged during a move. Insurance guarantees that any damaged items will be paid for in full.

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    Reasons to Hire Moving Companies Instead of Doing It Yourself

    It may be tempting to handle a move all by yourself to save money. However, moving is a job that’s best left to the experts. Listed below are some of the top reasons why you should hire a professional removal company in Harrogate instead of trying to do it on your own.
    When done by experts, house removals are completely safe and hassle-free. If you try and do it yourself, there’s a higher chance of damage to your fragile items, or worse, injuring yourself while trying to move heavy furniture. If you want to guarantee safety, working with trained specialists is your best bet.
    Saves time and effort
    It’s no secret that moving all your furniture and other essential items to another location is a daunting task than can take up a lot of time and effort. Hiring a professional moving company like ours takes away a lot of the stress involved in a house move, leaving you free to relax and focus on adapting to your new property.

    If you’re looking for the best removal company at competitive rates, check out our range of services at Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Harrogate. To get started, call one of our representatives today!

    Why You Should Consider an Insured Moving Company

    It’s essential to hire moving services in Harrogate that are covered by insurance. This gives you peace of mind that your belongings are covered in the unlikely event that they get lost or damaged during the moving process or while in storage. There are also other insurance options that will offer financial protection if items are burned, flooded, or destroyed due to accidents.

    Hiring a firm that has insurance for auto liability, storage, and goods in transit will make sure you don’t suffer financial loss if something unexpected happens. If you want to rest easy during your move, knowing that you’ll be fully compensated no matter what happens, then insured moving services are the right choice for you.

    Areas We Cover

    We cover all areas of the UK with bases in York, Leeds and Harrogate.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a Question?

    If you’ve any questions for us, this is the place to find the answer. And if it’s not covered here, feel free to pick up the phone and call us…

    How do you hire reliable movers?
    If you want to ensure you’re hiring trusted residential or commercial removals Harrogate-wide, the best thing to do is read online reviews from past customers on a few local companies. Opt for a firm that’s well-established and has a good reputation, with excellent customer feedback. Make sure they offer any additional services you might need, such as storage or packing.
    How do I prepare for a removal company?
    There are certain preparations you should make before local home removals in Harrogate.

    First, declutter as much as possible. Then, create a checklist of what needs to be moved. Next, secure strong, sturdy boxes (not too large) for packing. Label each box properly and dismantle large furniture where possible. Don’t forget the loft, shed and garage!
    How much notice do removal firms need?
    If you want the best removal companies in Harrogate, it’s best to schedule your removal as far in advance as possible to reserve the date. This also gives you ample time to pack and prepare. Some companies may be able to accommodate requests at shorter notice, especially if it’s a small move, but generally, book as early as possible.
    Should you book removals before you exchange contracts?
    Most removals firms are used to the uncertainty around exchanging contracts. For house removals in Harrogate, it’s worth contacting your chosen company and pencilling in a provisional date. You can confirm when arrangements are firmed up. Check the company’s policy on rescheduling if your move is delayed, and always give the firm as much notice as possible of any changes.
    How much are house removal costs in Harrogate?
    On average, house removals cost around £900, but prices vary depending on the distance to be travelled, the volume of items, and the day of the week, among other factors. Moves done over the weekend are sometimes more expensive because of higher demand. But we don’t charge extra for a removal in Harrogate on a typical Saturday.
    How soon before moving should I start packing?
    You should start packing for your move at least three weeks before your scheduled move date. The earlier you start packing, the easier the process will be for you and your furniture removal Harrogate-based company. This gives you time to declutter and pack, which always takes longer than you think.
    When should I organise a removal company?
    Contact your moving firm in Harrogate as soon as you have a good idea of your moving date. The earlier you can book, the better. If you’re looking for quotes, contact companies four to six weeks before your prospective moving date to arrange onsite surveys and give you time to compare prices and make other arrangements like reserving parking.
    How do you pack fragile or high-value items?
    At Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Harrogate, we’re experts in handling breakable or high-value items such as mirrors, antiques, glassware, fragile furniture, artwork, and so on. If you have extremely precious items, it’s often worth paying just a little more to have an experienced mover in Harrogate pack these.
    How long will the removals process take on the day?
    The time it takes for completed removals in Harrogate mostly depends on the distance between your old property and the one you’re moving to, as well as the traffic conditions on the day. On average, it takes us four to five hours to move a two-bedroom house.
    Will you move computer and telephony hardware?
    Yes, we’re more than happy to move any computers and other communication devices for you. Just notify us when you request your quote, and you can also rest assured they’ll reach their destination safely. Do note, however, that our staff may not be sufficiently trained to install them at your new premises.

    Planning a home or office move in the near future?

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