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More than 80 years York Removals Experience

Most Reviewed Removals Company in Scotland

As one of the most well-known removal companies in Edinburgh, Jorvik has exceptional local knowledge and experience that it can share with its clients to help them make informed decisions on the best ways to move within the city.
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Trusted, Reliable & Professional Removals Company

Expert Recommended on Three Best Rated for Removals in York, 5 Years Running

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Philip Cox
Amazing service at a very reasonable price. The movers were highly professional, very friendly and made us feel...

Kim Sheppard
Excellent service. Would definitely recommend. Prompt efficient , No stress for me at all. Very careful...
Daniel Keenan
Absolutely top class service. The guys who came and did our move between Christmas and New Year...

Why Choose

Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Ltd?

Jorvik Removals is a removals company located in the Clifton Moor Retail Park in York. We have been providing great, trustworthy service for house and office relocations for over eight decades.

When you use Jorvik, you are hiring qualified, courteous, and reliable movers who take pride in providing the best removal service in York at a low cost.

Each job is completed carefully so all items are carried without damage to your new home or office. We view each job as unique and are equipped to move and handle any piece of furniture.

Our relocation knowledge and skills have been passed down through three generations, from father to son over 80 years.

All of our removal porters and drivers have had extensive training in packing and moving, and most of our staff have been with us for many years. As a result, you can rest assured that your household belongings will be transported with the utmost care and precision.

We use all necessary protective items, such as sofa and mattress covers (on request), and we provide FREE packing boxes!

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Who are we

About Jorvik

Our family's moving skills and experience has been passed down through three generations for over 80 years.
All of our removal porters/drivers have been professionally educated in removals and packing by me, Melvyn Hughes, and most of our employees have been with us for many years.

As a result, you can be assured that your household belongings will be delivered with the utmost care and precision.

We provide all necessary packing protection, including sofa and mattress covers, as well as a complimentary loan of moving boxes.
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    All our vehicles are tracked 24 hours a day for their location, so we always know exactly where your goods are.

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    We cover all areas of the UK with bases in York, Leeds and Harrogate.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a Question?

    If you’ve any questions for us, this is the place to find the answer. And if it’s not covered here, feel free to pick up the phone and call us…

    How much will my removal cost?
    Distance, vehicle size, accessibility, and packing are some of the obvious factors considered when estimating the price. To eliminate any doubts, always have your home viewed by professionals. Obtaining a price over the phone is effective but less reliable than a survey. We only provide quotations, not estimates. Avoid companies that offer estimates because their final bill may exceed your expectations
    What do removal costs include?
    Jorvik Removals’ prices are tailored to your unique needs. Our base service includes a crewed moving van as well as travel and goods-in-transit insurance, but you can also add on services like packing and storage.
    How long will my removal take?
    Several factors influence how long it takes to accomplish a removal. The obvious ones are the quantity of goods and the distance they travel. Some factors are less evident but equally crucial. Even having to park ten feet further away from your house due to parked vehicles can drastically affect how long it takes us to load or unload.

    Even if it doesn't seem relevant, try to notify us of anything that might happen or be different on the day of your removal. The main stumbling block on moving day is frequently receiving the keys to your new home from your agent. If you don't anticipate you’ll get the keys until 12pm-1pm, it may wiser to start a little later. A two-bedroom house should take 4-5 hours without hold ups, but call us to find out approximately how long your move will take.
    Can I move at the weekend?
    We can complete your move whenever it is most convenient for you. We do not charge extra on Saturdays, but other days and hours may be subject to a premium to cover the increased expense of staff.
    What size van will I get?
    Based on a survey of your home, our crew calculates the size of the van. It is the responsibility of the movers to use the appropriate-sized vehicle, therefore always select a company with experience and a good reputation. If no survey is done, we will use the information you provide to establish the required vehicle size. It will be our responsibility to complete the job correctly if you have been truthful regarding the volume of objects to be transported.
    Can I do my own packing?
    Of course, but if so, choose robust boxes of the proper size. Seal all of your boxes carefully and note that open-top boxes, such as banana boxes, make it impossible to stack your products safely in the van. Always consider how packing your own boxes may affect your insurance, as most providers will only cover damages if the box is dropped or broken. If you are unsure or are having difficulty locating suitable boxes, we can assist you.
    Do you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?
    All items needing disassembly must be completed and ready for transport prior to our arrival, unless otherwise noted in the estimate. Our crew will disassemble and reassemble the item if indicated in the estimate. It is critical that you specify your needs at the quotation stage in order for the necessary time and equipment to be provided.
    How do I pay for my removal?
    If you accept our estimate, we charge a 25% deposit at the time of booking, with the remainder due 10 days before the scheduled removal date. Debit and credit cards, as well as BACS, are accepted as payment methods.
    How do I move house with a dog/cat?
    It is preferable to confine your pet to a single room with minimal contents and clearly identify the door with a "Do Not Open" sticker. When the majority of the move is over, you can relocate your pet to another empty room while the removals company removes the last few items.
    Are my goods insured?
    Yes, your possessions will be covered during the move. Your valuables are insured for up to £50,000 per van during your transfer. You can acquire insurance for your possessions while they are in our storage facilities at We are an partner, so look for the link on our North Yorkshire submenu. Always read the entire insurance policy’s terms and conditions.
    What time will the van arrive?
    Our personnel typically begin work between six and eight a.m. We expect to arrive at your location between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. We will discuss an estimated arrival time with you if you are moving a great distance. We may be delayed from time to time for a variety of reasons, but we will always aim to arrive on time.

    Planning a home or office move in the near future?

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    Jorvik Removals
    Jorvik Removals is a family-run firm with over 80 years' experience, providing expert, professional moves across Yorkshire. We offer domestic and commercial removals services and safe, secure, long and short term goods storage too.
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