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Jorvik Removals & Storage Ltd is a family-owned business that has been providing professional relocation services in York and nearby communities for over 80 years. We will do everything we can to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure.
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Trusted, Reliable & Professional Removals Company

Expert Recommended on Three Best Rated for Removals in York, 5 Years Running

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Philip Cox
Amazing service at a very reasonable price. The movers were highly professional, very friendly and made us feel...

Kim Sheppard
Excellent service. Would definitely recommend. Prompt efficient , No stress for me at all. Very careful...
Daniel Keenan
Absolutely top class service. The guys who came and did our move between Christmas and New Year...

Why Choose

Jorvik Removals & Self Storage Ltd?

For over 80 years, Jorvik Removals has helped carry out relocations in and around York. We take great pleasure in our reputation as a renowned self storage facility for providing exceptional service at fair pricing.

We understand the difficulties of moving and want to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. We will work with you to develop a storage solution that suits your specific requirements.

There are options for both short and long-term storage. If you would like a free quote and more information about our storage alternatives, please contact us right away.

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Who are we

About Jorvik

Jorvik Removals has been moving people to new properties for more than 80 years. Our drivers and porters are the best in the business and will handle your possessions with care. Fully trained, they are also highly experienced.

We'll lend you moving boxes, and can provide covers for your mattresses and sofas, and everything else you need to keep your things safe during the move, on request. We have a long history of providing excellent service, so you can be sure that your move will be seamless.
All our vehicles are tracked 24 hours a day for their location, so we always know exactly where your goods are.
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    Areas We Cover

    We cover all areas of the UK with bases in York, Leeds and Harrogate.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a Question?

    If you’ve any questions for us, this is the place to find the answer. And if it’s not covered here, feel free to pick up the phone and call us…

    How much will my removal cost?
    The cost of your move will depend on a number of aspects, such as how far you are moving, how large a vehicle you need to transport your things, and how easy it is to load your things onto the vehicle.
    What do removal costs include?
    Some of the costs of moving include renting the vehicle, hiring movers, buying packing supplies, and paying for other services. When using a removals company, make sure you know exactly what their estimate includes and doesn’t include so you can plan your budget.
    How long will my removal take?
    The time it takes to move will depend on the number of items you have, the distance you are moving, and the situation at your point of origin and destination. Once the company has a good idea of the volume of possessions you need moving and where you are relocating to, they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long your move will take.
    Can I move at the weekend?
    Yes, we offer weekend moves at no additional charge. However, there may be surcharges to cover staff costs at especially busy times of year.
    What size van will I get?
    Depending on the amount of stuff you need moving, the size of a van can vary. We have various sizes to meet your needs. Always be clear about the volume of possessions that need moving so we can allocate the right-sized van. If you don’t do this, your move will take longer and may cost more.
    Can I do my own packing?
    We recommend that you hire a professional to do your packing for you. They have the experience and tools to do the job quickly and efficiently. However, if you choose to pack your own things, we can provide you with packing supplies, including the free loan of suitable boxes.
    Do you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?
    Yes, if requested at quote stage, we will dismantle and reassemble your furniture at your new home. If you don’t want us to do this, please make sure everything is disassembled and ready to go before the movers arrive.
    How do I pay for my removal?
    Cash, cheques, and credit cards are all accepted. We also offer a number of payment alternatives, such as direct debit. When you specify your preferred method of payment to the person who is making your appointment, they will present you with several choices.
    How do I move house with a dog/cat?
    Make sure your pet is shut in a little used room before the movers begin. Once they’ve emptied the rest of the house, move your pet into one of the vacated rooms and then the moving team can remove the remaining items.
    Are my goods insured?
    Your belongings are covered while they're in transit. Our insurance covers a value of up to £50,000 per vehicle. are our partners providing insurance for goods in our storage facilities. Before you pay for any insurance, always make sure that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the policy.
    What time will the van arrive?
    We can keep your things safe for as long as you need. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We'll try to meet your needs as best we can.

    Planning a home or office move in the near future?

    Find out what we could do for you.
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    Jorvik Removals
    Jorvik Removals is a family-run firm with over 80 years' experience, providing expert, professional moves across Yorkshire. We offer domestic and commercial removals services and safe, secure, long and short term goods storage too.
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