Preparing To Move House - Packing Advice

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Choosing The Packing Materials

We can supply you with a variety of good quality cartons and other packing materials suitable for moving house from our stock and have them delivered to you.

Our range includes heavy duty, smaller boxes for packing books, general purpose cartons, wardrobe cartons and special boxes for shipping goods and furniture overseas.

We also stock tape, heavy-duty polyethene bags, mattress/sofa bags, bubble film, packing paper, foam blanket and other specialist materials. Please ask for prices and details.

Avoid using cheaper, single wall boxes, fruit crates and cheap bin liners as they will not protect your belongings and often fall apart when moved.

It’s very unlikely that any professional removal company will provide free materials in their price unless they are second hand, low quality or provision has been costed for this in their price.

Assembling Boxes

Making sure your boxes are correctly assembled will make them much stronger and also ensures that the bottom won’t fall out when lifted.

Tape across the seams, then along the edges as shown. Make sure the tape on the edges folds over the sides of carton too as this helps prevent small items from falling out and makes the carton much more rigid.

Make sure you seal the top of the carton in the same manner when you have filled it as items easily fall out of open boxes during transit, plus they are very difficult for the removal crew to stack inside the vehicle safely.

Other Packing Items

Pictures and mirrors which you are packing yourself should be wrapped in bubble film a layer of protective card on the glass face.

Large lamps and other similar items should be dismantled where possible and the components boxed. Bubble wrap delicate bulky items where possible.

Furniture and other goods will be packed directly into the removal lorry or your storage container using protective transit blankets. You should inform our office of any special requirements prior to the removal date.

Our crews carry polyethene covers on the removal van for your sofas and mattresses. These will normally be fitted by the crew on the day of your move.

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We specialise in planning full house Harrogate removals and our aim is to make things simple for you and at an affordable rate.
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We provide a personalised business removals service for businesses in Harrogate. Office removals planned to avoid unnecessary disruption.
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Packing Service

Our in-house team of professional movers and packers will carefully pack all your treasured possessions using protective packing materials and specialist crates, giving you one less thing to worry about.
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Our self-storage solutions provide a safe place for you to keep old documents, furniture or other items.
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House Clearance
For over 70 years, we’ve been providing first-class house clearance service to home movers in Yorkshire.
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Student Removal

Jorvik provide a student removals service in Harrogate whether you are moving to or from Harrogate College or you are simply moving items from one property to the next, we can help.
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Antique Movers

One of the main worries when it comes to moving house is the issue of valuables. The removal of fine art and antiques has to be handled correctly and by specialists.
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