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7 Questions To Ask Before Moving

It is a major objective for any business to make sure that its employees and office equipment are not disturbed during the office removal process.

It is a major objective for any business to make sure that its employees and office equipment are not disturbed during the office removal process.

First steps towards successful office relocation

  1. Schedule visitation dates with a number of office removal companies for your premises (both the current and new one) in order to get a relevant estimate. Work out a preferred date – the majority of removal companies are going to relocate your company either on a Saturday or Sunday in order to not affect your work process.
  2. Make sure that the removal company of choice is confident in the management and moving of all of your equipment etc. Ask as many questions as you want and get references and look at online reviews to make sure that there isn’t any doubt in their attitude regarding the move.
  3. Be sure to visit your new office space and to measure any large items in order to make sure that they will fit around the corridors and through the entrances.
  4. Create a floor plan regarding the desk layout as well as equipment.
  5. Remember large items like chairs, desks, filing cabinets, printers etc require contiguous space in order for drawers to open, chairs to move and have access to shelves.
  6. Consult with key employees when it comes to your floor plan and uses the moment as an opportunity for reorganising given members of your staff.
  7. Make sure you have a proper internet connection upon arrival in order for your employees to be able to continue their work undisturbed.

Before moving office

  1. When you’ve finished the floor plan, send a copy to all of your staff in order for them to visualise the new surroundings before moving. Do not forget to make a number of copies of the floor plan so that they are available at the new office on the day of the move.
  2. Provide your relocation company with a lot of photocopies of the new office layout
  3. Make sure each piece is marked with coloured stickers (one colour per floor or department) so the removal company knows where to place them at the new office. Make the colour codes accessible to everybody.
  4. Be sure to mark all items that are NOT to been moved to your new office.
  5. Make your staff members aware of their responsibilities. Are they to pack their own files? Are they responsible for overseeing the process of moving their own workstations? Are they to pack up their drawers by themselves?
  6. It is essential that you employ a computer specialist to reestablish your network in order to not waste any unnecessary time. Ask your company about this, as some commercial movers offer the services of their very own in-house specialist.

On the day you relocate

Inform your employees about what they should do. You can give them a half-a-day holiday for them not to hang around the office or you can tell them to wait at the new office for instance.

  1. An important fact to remember is that the health and safety of your staff, as well as the office removal company, is integral.
  2. Don’t allow your employees to lift any of the heavy equipment or furniture.
  3. It is important to let your relocation specialists do their job – they excel at taping up filing cabinets, boxing-up equipment and wrapping computers in a safe and efficient fashion before packing them into their lorries.
  4. Be extremely careful with secure or confidential documents. Make sure all of them are transported in a safe and organised manner. Your removal company might offer you the services of their own specialist contractor for the job.
  5. Make sure your employees have proper access to a new kettle, lavatories and a sink.
  6. Inform your staff about the new car parking arrangements and make sure that permits are allocated.
  7. Be sure to send out your change of address cards.

Don’t forget to mark the occasion and celebrate with your employees – you are after all starting a new chapter for your company!

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