31st March 2022

Don’t get caught off guard – here’s everything you need to budget for when moving

Dont get caught off guard heres everything you need to budget for when moving

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Moving home? Don’t forget these 7 things!

With the cost of moving increasing every year, it is important to prepare ahead of time and estimate what you can afford. You might be surprised by some hidden expenses that will hit your bank account in unexpected ways!

Complete Moving Checklist Guide

Here are 7 budget-friendly items to include when creating a household move plan:

1 – The Removal Company

It’s a good idea to start your search for the perfect removal company as soon as possible. The sooner you find one, the more time they have on hand and save in costs!

Here are some tips that will help ensure an affordable price:

  • Shop around online or call up different companies until finally deciding upon what works best suited towards meeting all of yours needs
  • These services come at different prices so make sure not only does it include van rental but also packing materials if necessary; this way there won’t be any surprises down payment requirements before obtaining final paperwork from the seller(s).

2 – Storage

The best way to find the perfect removal company is by going with one that offers storage. The removals company will bring your items from place-to-place, but if you need somewhere safe for all of them then consider getting a self storage unit as well!

3 – Cleaning Services

So you want to move into your new home, but don’t have time for all that cleaning? Hiring a professional service can help take care of it! The movers might also offer additional services like boxes or furniture transfer. And if they do, great, because this is one area where DIY won’t be necessary, at least according to the experts we spoke with who specialize in helping people get settled after moving cross country (and even internationally).

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4 – Baby / Pet Sitting Services

Make sure you budget for someone to watch your pets and children while the movers do their work. If it’s friends or family around, this shouldn’t be too hard with little-to no cost involved!

5 – Hotels

Hotel prices can be expensive and require multiple rooms if you need them for your family. If long-distance moving, budgeting enough money to stay at hotels may come in handy!

6 – Fuel

Again, if you are moving long-distance, and driving you will have to budget for the cost of fuel. Keep your fuel tank full to avoid being stuck in traffic or running out just when you need it most!

7 – Food

During the days leading up to the move, your kitchen may not be in order, so it’s likely you’ll be going out or ordering food in more often. And then likely for a few days after you move in while you prepare your new kitchen.

Moving home is a big task, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. By planning ahead and including some of the cost-effective services and items below in your budget, you can make the move smoother – and maybe even save yourself a little money in the process. Have we missed anything? Let us know!

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Planning a home or office move in the near future?

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